Jefferson Writing Challenge

by Jonathan Hilton

T shirt backIt has long been one of my long standing beliefs that people come into your life for a reason and you merely need to allow things to play out to find out why.   Sometimes they come in to stay for awhile, and some times they just pop in teach you something and then disappear on down the line.

I have been doing a super secret writing project with Hope Rose of Hope is Something You Can’t Live Without, well at least it is super, not really all that secret.  I wanted to take a moment and evaluate our progress.  She wanted to write and needed a little push, and I always like projects.  So I devised the rules which looking at I have broken all the time, but I never liked rules anyway.

Rules of The Project

Hope writes like a dancing machine. Cheap use of the prompt but a use none the less.
Hope writes like a dancing machine. Cheap use of the prompt but a use none the less.

I will provide you with a prompt each day.
You will have a reasonable time to post something,using any creative medium you want, along with your writing. You can take pictures, you can draw pictures, you can paint pictures, you make macaroni pictures, or you can take them from Google, videos from youtube, whatever expresses what you feel inside.  I will also complete the assignment. The commitment is for 30 days, that means until March 9.

But there must be writing that answers the prompt.

So we started this journey of very few rules and no real idea of what would come out of it. I am not sure if I expected to write like I was some sort of dancing machine or what, but it has been interesting.  I have enjoyed it and I hope that Hope has as well.  There are still ten days left as far as I can tell because we missed a few and I see more writing on hope’s blog then there were prompts. But I may be mistaken which one goes with which.

So here are the prompts so far and links to our answers:

#1: A Snow Day



#2 At This very Moment



#3 Beginnings



#4 Vanentine’s Day



#5 Life isn’t Fair or Life is Fair

6. I looked Into the Fire

7. Guilty Pleasures

8. I should have Listened to My Heart

9. What If?

10. Looks Like Trouble  – looking for trouble

11. What is In the Box?

12. The Monkey

13. Why Doesn’t anybody Listen?

14. Postitive Thinking

15. French Fries and A Chocolate Shake

16. I was so Frustrated

17. Night and Day

18. Above and Beyond

I don’t know what happened to this one???????

19. Space

20. Dancing Machine

For Your Listening Pleasure: Dancing Machine- Jackson Five

8 thoughts on “Jefferson Writing Challenge”

  1. This is great! Maybe it will inspire people! Ienjoyed all the prompts. I was surprised at the things they made me think of! But I think you skipped one! Hahaha

    1. I know I noticed that, I could have filled it in and faked it, but no need for that, we have done a great job and I have had fun and that my friend is all that counts! I have been grateful for the interesting things that come to each of us. Different yet still awesome!!

      1. You’re right! I really enjoy them. Sometimes it’s easier to write when you have a prompt. Especially when you’re stuck like I was! Also, I like that you called it the ‘Jefferson” writing challenge! haha! Something about J-town that will always have a place in my heart.

        1. Well, as you may or may not know I was a graduate of Jefferson Village School as well so it seemed appropriate, and I was going to explain all about it but when you look at the name, someone who didn’t know better would think it is a real thing! Sounds presidential and organized. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I have enjoyed it and have gotten some great thoughts out because of it!

    1. Thanks Raimy-D. It has been good for both of us I think. It is funny, Hope and I actually know each other in the real world. I was her basketball coach when she was in 10th grade. I never thought we would be blogging here about ten years later. You never know! Anytime you want to do a creative blogging project let me know. I only have one real rule, there has to be growth of some kind in it. I have done three of your suggestions, and have enjoyed them all. I took that long test, which wasn’t fun, but the results were interesting. I have them saved in a vault of drafts to be published in the near future. (when I have time) Your creativity goes without saying. You are the Creative Guru!! Why did you choose that name?

  2. Had no idea this was going on, Jonathan, but I have enjoyed the fruits of this project. You are a dancing machine, my man. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    1. Wow Kozo, how did you know I am a dancing machine!:-). This has been a fun and interesting project, I think it has been a good experience for both of us. I write most days anyway, so it was fun to make up prompts and to check someone else’s work and see how very different it was from your own. Thank you for reading and commenting, I always appreciate and am grateful for your participation.

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