My Favorite Posts 2013

In the spirit of being grateful and letting go for the new year, I am looking back over the year of 2013 and choosing some of my favorite posts.  It seems like many of these were written years ago not months ago but here they are.

  1. I’m Really Blue, are You?  Written to check out the colors that associate with my personality.  Fun post to write.
  2. Embrace your Inner Geek  because we are all geeks in one form or another.

  3. My Core Beliefs because I still believe in them.

  4. The Darkness in the Mirror- I look in mirrors all the time.

Jefferson Writing Project Success

by Jon Hilton

This is what I looked like at Jefferson Village School, circa 1980.
This is what I looked like at Jefferson Village School, circa 1980.

It was a few short weeks ago that MY COHORT  and I embarked on the Jefferson Writing Project.  We didn’t know where the winds would blow our thoughts but we knew that each day they would be published on our blogs.

My friend’s name is Hope and we talked at the beginning of February and she wanted to do more writing but had some writing blocks and motivational issues. I suggested a mutual writing project.  She agreed and we made up some simple rules.  I am not a big rules guy because who needs limits on our creativity.

Jefferson Writing Challenge

by Jonathan Hilton

T shirt backIt has long been one of my long standing beliefs that people come into your life for a reason and you merely need to allow things to play out to find out why.   Sometimes they come in to stay for awhile, and some times they just pop in teach you something and then disappear on down the line.

My Next Step

by Jonathan Hilton

Click Image to say HI to Raimy-D. She has an entourage and wears jewelry like a rapper. But she is great!

One of my favorite people in the blogisphere is my friend Raimy-D(  She spends her time dreaming up stuff for me and others to try to experience. I am two activities behind but I am making an effort to do this one in real-time and let the chips fall where they will. I will take a lot of positive thinking to get this done.

Chicken or Egg

Egg or Chicken, Chicken or Egg?????????

The Matticus Kingdom’s first ever Tug of War

A fantastically fabulous blogger from a magical kingdom has come up with a great idea to challenge the masses, a tug of war.

Always up for a challenge I accept wholeheartedly. The inaugural question was what came first, the chicken or the egg?

This was a softball to me, because of my rudimentary understanding of biology and evolution.  The world has my excellent experience in the public education system of the 1970’s and 80’s to thank for this detailed answer.

What is in the Box?

by Jonathan Hilton

The old box in the attic
The old box in the attic

It had been years since I had ventured into that attic   As I climbed the rickety pull down ladder my face was greeted with a musty, dusty smell and the cold air that stabbed my cheeks reminding me of the winter weather outside.  As my body became fully engulfed by the cold I tried to make it a quick visit. I was looking for my copy of To Kill a Mockingbird,  when something caught my eye.

Let’s All Go To The Movies

This will admit you!
This will admit you!

I had recently challenged the always wonderful, beautiful, kind, considerate and very funny Purnimodo to come up with her top five American movies.  Purnimodo decided to call them movies to watch when you are stranded, but many of them I would watch any time.  She came up with a pretty potent list, but I have a few years on the fair blogger from Holland, and that means a little more movie expertise.


Its OK to Be AWESOME, Because YOU are!

your awesome lincoln
He wouldn’t lie!

by Jonathan Hilton

Why is it that any person who shows a confidence in their abilities is called arrogant? Why is it that anyone who likes who they are, can be passed off as self absorbed? It appears that as people we have developed a society that is custom made to make you feel bad about who you are no matter what.

All That Glitters

By Jonathan Hilton

All-that-is-goldOne of my favorite stories of my youth was The Lord or the Ring trilogy by  J.Rs.R. Tolkien.  I loved the fantasy of it and yes I was a total geek about it throughout my life.  I had the occasion to read the poem All that is Gold Does not Glitter, the other day, and I wondered why I liked it so much.  This article attempts to explain my attachment to this poem and the connections I make to my life today. 
Here is the Poem in it’s entirety:
“All that is gold does not glitter,

I Know Less Today Than Yesterday

Looking for answers
I never even knew there were questions! 🙂

By Jonathan Hilton

One of the things that I have become sure of, is that I used to know a whole lot more about life than I do today.

This is not to say that I feel like I am becoming less intelligent, it simply means that as you gain more experience, one attains a certain level of wisdom which unfortunately causes you to know that what you have believed most of your life about people and life has mostly been erroneous.

Books Are Beacons of Possibility

Reading books
If you read, you make yourself better!

By Jonathan Hilton

This is the second article about the things that I know for certain after a few years of trying to answer the questions of life.  The access to and the willingness to read and learn is the great equalizer of all people.  

I Am Addicted to Facebook

The Addiction of Facebook

Addicted to Facebook
Pretty addicted, How much? Friend me and find out.

About five years ago, I had never heard of Facebook, and I was intimidated by the new technology that was coming out on a seemingly daily basis, but learning to adapt and overcome the hurdles that life has put in front of me, I slowly integrated myself into the world of social media.  I started my Facebook account in 2007 according to my timeline and it has been slowly infiltrating my daily life since.  Now I have to check Facebook to see everything from the latest news, to what music to like and who I should be listening to for fashion tips.  Alright I have never really cared about fashion but you get my point. Facebook has gone from something I have never heard of to the single most dominant form of media in my life today, in about five years and I am not sure if that is good or not.  I do know that is has changed the way I look at the world.

Fighting the Angry Chicken

I just wanted to ask, “How was your day?”

There are many times in life when you have to fight to be a man, today was not one of those days.  As I was minding my own business, thinking about enjoying the warm weather and getting some work done. I was interrupted by the gentle clucking of chickens outside.  The place where I am fortunate enough to work has their own chickens, that they do get their own eggs from, and so they serve a purpose.  I have seen them almost daily, and my interactions with them have until today been of the most perfunctory in nature.

Voting Was A Great Experience

by Jonathan Hilton

Voting Was A Great Experience

voting in the 2012 election
Picture with my Ballot in the voting booth

There are many people today on November 7, who are disappointed with the outcome of the election, because in our country we all have the option to believe whatever we want. There are people who feel disillusioned and have hurt feelings, and conversely there are many who  are feeling like there is a brand new day ahead of them and there is a lot of hope for tomorrow based on these election results.  I do not belong to either group and I will tell you why.

Netflix OCD

Like many new things that have come from technology, I have often been slow to a, ccept them, I once swore I would never get a cell phone, now like everybody else in the world, my cellphone is my lifeline to the world.  Call me, text me, check Facebook, all involves my cell phone.  That is kind of how my unhealthy relationship with Netflix began.

Into The Wild Film-Courage or Foolishness

Alexander Supertramp, Chris McCandless

Into The Wild Film

“I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all!”

— Chris McCandless’ journal from Alaska

The other day I happened to come across this movie called Into The Wild.  I had no idea what it was about or that it was based on a “true” story.  I started watching it and there seemed to be a lot of problems for this kid, Chris McCandless growing up, the movie portrays his parents as not so nice people and because of this, he was propelled to give up his identity, his money and hike off across the country to find some inner truth.  Two things struck me about this movie as I watched it.  First, either this kid was out of his tree crazy, or he was brilliant and had a large supply of courage. Into the WildTravel Biographies & Memoirs)

What You Will Find on Mainely Entertaining

I have put the video from the home page here, so that you can get some explanation about it.  I wanted someone who visits this site for the first time to get an idea of what I have put on this site, quickly and hopefully enjoyably.  So I put some images from the posts here with a little music.  The song is called “The High Road” by Broken Bells.

Greenville, Maine in The Winter

A video I made in Greenville, Maine around January 1st. Why? Well it’s Greenville during the winter, not a lot else to do. It got a lot worse before spring finally came, but by then I was long gone.

Web Sites I Built

Here you can follow the links and see some of the websites I have built in the past.  Perhaps you will see something that catches your eye and could be used for your business.  Unfortunately all of the Moosehead Messenger sites have been taken down due to a restructuring in their company.  I have still included the screen shots so you can see what they did look like.  Towards the bottom of the site are some pages I made on Squidoo which helped support some of the sites I was working on.  They are fun to make and you should definitely give it a try if you want to quickly and easily put something online!

Fourth of July by Jon Hilton

Video pictures from the Fourth of July Parade in Greenville, Maine.