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Inside my head it's a mess_thumb[10]I read a great article last week about finding out what is happening on the inside. To make this more clear to get in touch with your subconscious mind, through art. This blog is called the Creative Guru, and she really is creative and a guru.   I saw the very beautiful and talented artwork the author created and loved it.  She is an artist and rendered paintings, which are just wonderful.

The author suggested that you need to have no artistic ability to do this yourself.  Lacking any ability to draw at all, I wanted to accept the challenge and see what was happening inside myself that perhaps I wasn’t aware of, if that is possible.  She also has promised to evaluate the deep meaning behind my picture. She also gives links to help your do it your self. Click Here for these

The process is quite simple, don’t think, just draw.  Whatever you feel like just do it. Well not thinking was easy, drawing was not. I did three images to give a really clear example of both my artistic failings and my unresolved issues.  I am no expert but this is what I found with each picture.

This is the short basic list of what you should look for:

  • Rounded shapes and curves indicate a need for harmony in your life.
  • Straight lines & square: indicates a down-to-earth personality
  • Arrows: signify some goal that you have in mind.
  • Intricate patterns: indicate an introverted and obsessive nature.
I even had a name for this, but I crossed it out. Didn't want to reveal too much. Can you guess what it was?
I even had a name for this, but I crossed it out. Didn’t want to reveal too much. Can you guess what it was?

This was the first one that sprung to mind if you can’t tell they are balloons tied to a fence. I am not sure why this is hidden in my mind but it was.  My interpretation: I really like balloons, they are very happy things, securely tied to a fence post where their strings will be cut someday and they will fly free through the atmosphere.  Lots of rounded shapes and straight lines, I am a down to Earth person with a need for harmony in my life. Whew! I was really worried there that I might want to join a circus or a carnival or something.

Picture number 2

Not sure I need Freud to interpret this one.
Not sure I need Freud to interpret this one.

This was the second one I did and I am not sure if the person getting rained on is me or not, but I have definitely felt this way some days. The interesting thing was the giant head of a duck was the last thing I added for no apparent reason. I would like to know why?

We are all duplicitous, I think
We are all duplicitous, I think

This was the third one I did and it is what it is.  I would explain it but really have no idea. It is the picture of a room. The thing in the middle is a mirror.  The rest of the stuff I just drew and am not sure about but I am open to suggestions.

So there you have it. I spent some time on this day, trying to find out what is on the inside. These three drawings have shown that I really don’t have much talent. However, to be honest, there was a great feeling of release in creating them. I felt happy when I was done and poor artistic ability aside, I like looking at them. I could have made a few more but wanted to keep my intense artistic abilities to myself.

What I learned so far is that it is fun to stretch yourself and try new things, without question.  Trying something new is fun and I encourage you to try it.  I may not be able to interpret these but I respect and admire those that read these pages, so please feel free to give me a title for each picture!! Thank you very much for reading to this point you deserve a prize.



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  1. Jonathan, I had a blast psychoanalyzing these pictures. They are very creative and in my opinion they reveal something very interesting. The first picture, the balloons reminds me of the movie Up, (about an old man who attached a bunch of balloons to his house and took off to go to South America). I think this picture signifies that perhaps you want to fly off somewhere, but something is tying you down… perhaps its not the right time yet. The 2nd picture, I thought it was a guy taking a shower outdoors- I would call this one Renewal Shower. The duck is a symbol of a lucky journey, again this mirrors the first balloon image. Perhaps you want to take off and go somewhere new. The third image is full of symbology. The tree in the window is a symbol of new hopes. The sail boat is a symbol of bight prospects and also the reoccurring theme of a journey. The mirror would suggest to me that perhaps the journey you are wanting to take is an inner journey into yourself to figure out something about yourself. So overall all journey, bright future, and new hopes come to mind.

    1. Thank you so much for interpreting the drawings. I never thought of that at all, although the idea of a journey has been on my mind a lot lately. When the right time comes, when is it coming. So funny that the duck has meaning. It just was drawn totally for no conscious reason, so I guess I followed the instructions. Thanks for the inspiration to try something new. I had way more fun doing this than a person should, scribbling on a white piece of paper with a pen.
      I add this to my own list of gratitude. I also wrote my first sonnet the day before so there are two firsts in two days. There is a feeling of liberation, freedom and creativity that comes with trying new things, or more accurately taking new avenues of expression. Interesting stuff. I think I am going to try to sketch something sometime, it was so much fun.

      1. Friedrich Nietzsche once said that creating is the great salvation from suffering and life’s alleviation. I definitely feel happier when I’m doing something creative, I will try the sonnet also that sounds really fun.

        1. Friedrich Nietzsche knew what he was talking about!! I encourage you to give the sonnet a try, that was fun as well, because I like rhyming I think.

  2. Jon, These are beautiful. Raimy, really opened up a new talent of yours. I like Raimy’s analysis of journey. On the second drawing, I was thinking “Duck for cover.” Love the yin/yang Dali of the last piece. Great work. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are a kind brother! It was fun doing this. She is the creative guru. I think part of the journey is to stretch yourself. She was more right in her analysis then she knows. Right on. Thanks for commenting my friend. Always appreciate your time and thought.

  3. Johnathan: I like this exercise we use to have people do this during when I took part in an Art Therapy Internship. – you actually draw quite good, I have seen much worse.

    Below is my OPINION of how I would READ your sketches if I were to do so as an Art Therapist and were to read them then ask you questions from them –

    Your first one I would add that the balloons tied down may state that you have a sense of security on the “upper level” of your unconscious that you are digging around in. The balloons are tied to the fence and secure so as not to fly away and get lost. However, you only have part of a fence drawn and did not draw it all the way out to the edges of your paper. This could indicate a sense of not wanting to be “fenced in” . You like the security but still want some freedom to stretch out by your own control and remain grounded.

    Your second sketch: It has the sun out too – so I would say it could be a couple of different things. One that some days you feel the black rain cloud is following you around but the sunshine is still there promising hope of brighter days. As for the duck head peeking out of the grass patch – that really is difficult to say with out knowing more about you. But, I would say since it is under the Sunlight – and is larger then the “normal” duck would be. That it represents something you fear, or struggle with during these times when you struggle with the black cloud.

    Thirdly but not least: This one is the deepest one into your unconscious is my guess. It is fragmented. Mirror for looking at yourself, and your life, which shows flowers and happy matters. Yet in the background are other objects. Objects perhaps that are part of your life, books, windows to look out at others, the world, etc. But the most eye catching is the “face”. My first instinct was to say perhaps it is your fear of clowns as we spoke about since this is further down in your unconscious peeking out. But, I also think it maybe more of the same as the second drawing – where perhaps it maybe a struggle with that “cloud”. Happy and Sad – Rainy and Sunny.

    Ok, anyway that is my thoughts.

    Great post!

    1. Thank you for the in depth analysis. It is funny how many things that are true are seen in pictures that I didn’t mean to show anything. I just drew them and now that other people look at them, the things they see are true, and inside of me. I feel a great release by doing this. I like the analysis of struggle is a good one. I think that we all struggle to some degree to find what we are, and what life is all about. I appreciate your comments a lot, they are insightful and I read them carefully.

  4. The second one reminds me a lot of the Frog In Love (kikker is verliefd) drawings by Max Felthuijs. The last one I love the most. I think it’s very you. Associated the color blue immediately with it. I think a bigger version of it in color would look brilliant.

    What I gather from your drawings is that you have a lot of love in you and that you’re still a kid at heart. Do continue exploring the paper!!!

    1. Thank you for commenting on my drawings! You are very kind to give them such consideration. Perhaps I will take up painting someday to produce more colorful pictures. I am going to keep drawing a little bit, I want to find out what is hiding in my subconscious. I am definitely a kid at heart! Thank you again for commenting.

    1. Thank you for the comment! You should definitely try it. Drawing wasn’t anything like I thought it would be. Very fun and revealing. I have gotten some insight from others that is really right on point with some of my inner feelings. Really incredible. It was even more fun to try something new. I look forward to seeing your pictures.

  5. Great stuff! Words alone are insufficient to communicate the full depth of human aspirations and experience. So much of our intelligence (and beyond) is pre-verbal and super-verbal. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Frank, I always appreciate your comments and visits to my little blog of thoughts. 🙂 You are the man!

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