Random Act of Kindness

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Random Act of Kindness

A Random Act of Kindness saves A Truly bad day

Some days are difficult to enjoy but a random act of kindness can change everything around for you.  It could be a forecast for the end of the world or the inconsiderate behavior of another that have you experiencing a bad day but it is definitely true that a random act of kindness can turn it all around.

It often happens when you need to be picked up the most that something or more directly someone takes it upon themselves to do something kind for you. It is our job to simply notice it and appreciate the effort!

Only a Cup of Coffee, Random act of Kindness

It was only a cup of coffee, but it could have been a large bar of gold because it was such a slap of niceness into an otherwise sour day.  I know I was feeling sorry for myself, and choosing to indulge myself in a river of self-pity. when out of nowhere someone randomly offered me a cup of coffee. A two dollar cup of kindness.

Today it seemed easy to get down, a cold, depressing rain has been falling all day that makes you want to just go back to bed and forget this day ever started.  But then one act of kindness allowed me to smile both outside and inside.  Suddenly the world didn’t  seem so bad and I less vengeful against it. Dare I say I started to feel happy.

A Random Act of Kindness can Change Everything

kindness inspires kindness
Remember this fact!

You never know what those random acts of kindness you perform will do for the world.  The small pebble of your kindness may ripple throughout the world for a long time indeed.  It may cause others to find their own hearts and give without looking for anything in return.

This just happened and I am able to focus a little more on the good things in my life.  Start to count my blessings, think about the positive things and know that the world isn’t a total cesspool of violence and uncaring people.

This simple touch of humanity really made my day. I am most often pretty positive and try to reciprocate in kind, but like everyone else, I have my days.  The act of purchasing my coffee on a cold and rainy afternoon restored my hope in all of humanity.

If you are in a position to do something kind for someone else today, then do it, even if it isn’t recognized it will make a difference to someone. Many small acts together can make a huge difference for somebody else.

My faith in humanity is restored and I am no longer mad at the world. A random act of kindness made sure of that.

3 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness”

  1. WOW! You truly have a great perspective and a way with words…not only did this make me smile, but I forward the link to family and friends because I want them to smile as well. I too have spent the last year really tranforming my mind, body, and spirit…and do believe I have found the woman I am supposed to be, that being said, I too have grown and have let go of the ghost in my past, or acknowledged them, compartmentalized, and left with an appreciation of them because if not for those experience I would not be who I am today! Finally, I found peace in my heart and once again opened it to new experiences and love. Great article Jonathan!!!

    1. Amanda you are too kind. I am glad that you have found things in your life that you are happy with. I am happy for you and excited to see what the rest of your journey brings to you! I am so gratefully for your comment and that you took the time to read my article. You made my day!

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