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by Jonathan Hilton

Heavy DownpourRain is an inevitable part of your life, it doesn’t matter where you live. If you live in a tropical  climate then you probably experience a rainy season and devise ways to deal with it.  If you live in a desert then you probably dream about it.  It doesn’t matter where you live, rain most likely has a symbolic or emotional meaning to you.  Personally I have developed an appreciation for the rain I experience in my life.

The Soft-Spoken Rain

rain 2I love the rain when it is falling outside, on a warm spring, summer or fall night. Lightly dancing its tap dance on the roof and reminding me just how lucky I am to be sitting inside.  Rain is also great for sleeping as well, the sound of rain hitting the ground is one of the most soothing sounds you can listen to.  Torrents of peace flowing out of the sky, landing softly on the grass for you to enjoy.  As you drop off to sleep there is no thought or thankfulness for the rain, just an inner warmth or affection for warm blankets and the soft-spoken rain.

The Rain of Renewal

rain 4Sometimes it seems that no matter what kind of mistake you have made in your past that the falling of rain from the sky can provide you with solace that whatever you have done is not permanent but a passing part of life.  Mistakes are not meant to be tattooed on your skin, they are meant to be temporary teaching moments.  Rain allows nature to wash clean, and just as nature is changed by the rain, so are we.  Healing of the scars that lie underneath is hastened by the coming of the rain, and it will allow you to refresh your soul and start again.

The Sad Rain

rain 3There is a bit of retrospection that can be brought on by the rain. It is only natural to remember moments of bliss, love and affection that were once created during the rain.  Those moments as miraculous as they were are now gone. Remembering these lost times, is always a bitter-sweet moment. It is better to have experienced those times and the clarity and emotion to the experience.

Yet, there is a wistful realization in the rain that just like each drop is unique and falls only once, those moments were the exact same. You will never get them back and that is the at the root of the morose pall that surrounds the rain. You would think people would want to avoid this but really most want to remember and relive those perfect times regardless of the pain they cause.

Here Comes The Rain

No matter what we do in our life there is going to be rain. You will always have the choice to love it for the benefits it brings, eventually ending and leaving for the sun. Or you can choose to hate it as a nuisance, a pestilence that brings nothing but cold, wet and muddy weather.  The choice on how your feel about the rain is all up to you.  Dread it, love it, praise it, hate it the rain doesn’t care what you think it is going to continue to fall.  It’s up to us whether we get wet or use an umbrella.

How Do You Feel About Rain?

35 thoughts on “Raining All Over The World

  1. Maggie says:

    I love the rain. “Feels like rain” is one of my favorites!

    1. Jon says:

      Me too! Click the link I did a post a long time ago about my favorite rain songs. :-) Thank you for commenting!

      1. Maggie says:

        There are some good ones there too!

  2. Purnimodo says:

    Thanks for sharing the song!! It’s so lovely Jon!

    Love rain… as a kid I would come home from school completely drenched. I felt invincible walking alone in the streets, while it was pouring and everybody was hiding away from it 😀

    1. Jon says:

      I bet you still walk in the rain. Because you are still invisible. I would play outside in the rain when I was a kid, getting wet and muddy and I remember my mother questioning my sanity! :-) (if she only knew) Thank you for commenting and being the beautiful human being you are. :-)

      1. Purnimodo says:

        I do 😉 but now I wear make-up and I look like a racoon each time so not that often.

        I can imagine you as child playing in the rain. From your posts it seems like your still in touch with the kid you used to be :)

        Big hug from Holland and wishing you a wonderful week!! 😀

        1. Jon says:

          Thank you my friend! I accept your big hug and send one back. Also I like racoons so no worries. I have been getting in closer touch with the kid in me, I think it is quite astute of you to notice.

  3. theINFP says:

    One of my favourite past times is to sit by a window watching the rain run down the outside, seeing the view beyond distort. I find I become wistful and introspective, not in a melancholic way. Thank you for the post.

    1. Jon says:

      Thank you so much for commenting. I am an INFJ myself. I know what you mean. Most often that is how I feel, wistful and introspective is a great description. I was feeling more on the melancholy side yesterday because of the consistent snow we have been having. Rain actually would be welcome here. I am really so grateful for the reblog as well, I feel honored. Please don’t hesitate to ever drop a comment and tell me what you think.

  4. djmatticus says:

    I love the rain. There is something refreshing and rejuvenating about it. In college I would go for walks in the rain to help clear my head so I could study, so I could write a paper, so I could ponder any of the multitude of weighty matters that pray on the mind of a college student… It seems that life has gotten in the way of keeping up that habit since college as other responsibilities make it difficult to just “go for a walk” when the water starts to fall; but, maybe that just means my prioities have shifted and I should figure out how to still go for those walks if I want/need to.

    1. Jon says:

      Yes I think that life often changes our priorities, especially when it comes to the things we do for ourselves. Somehow they become less important and you need to reclaim at least a part of that in order to be you. You are an intelligent young man I am sure that you can find a way to include some rain walking time into your schedule. Thanks for the comments and the thoughts Matt. I really am grateful for them!

  5. Kozo says:

    Love the idea of rain of renewal, jonathan. Never thought about that before. Thank you. I love the line from Bob Marley, “When the rain fall/It don’t fall on one man’s housetop.” It reminds me that we are all the same no matter what kind of house we live in. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    1. Jon says:

      We are all the same on the inside, that is for sure Kozo! I love Bob Marley music, but that should come as no surprise as we have tons in common. Two brothers separated by life, that is us. Thanks for reading and commenting. You are the man!

      1. Kozo says:

        “Two brothers separated by life.” Love that, Jonathan. I just attended a workshop where the speaker said that “life is so intelligent.” It gives us exactly what we need when we need it. Maybe if we would have been brothers from birth we would have taken each other for granted, but now we can truly appreciate our connection. Here’s to brotherhood. {{{Hugs}}} kozo

        1. Jon says:

          A-men my brother!

  6. Rain is pretty cool as long as its not lasting forever… I love water, the sound of water in any way makes me find some sort of peace. It relieves stress to just focus in on listening to rain. The rain sliding down windows or the nature taking it all in are perfect picture moments to me. However, extended days of rain and gloominess does some times bring in some depressing thoughts.
    Awesome post Jon! :)

    1. Jon says:

      Thanks Kim! I think you are right about water. Rivers, the ocean or even rain. Some believe it is the power of all those molecules moving together that produce a powerful calming affect on people’s souls. I tried to write about the first things that came to my mind. I could have written a lot more, but then it would have been a book and nobody would read that. I am so grateful for you taking the time to comment on and read this. That is just one of the reasons you are so awesome. :-) DDR is obviously the other.

      1. Obviously, right? 😉 I’m telling you Jon, if you write a book, I’ll buy it! :)

        1. Jon says:

          :-) There is one!

          1. Jon says:

            Not one book although I can see why you would think that, someday there will be, but what I meant to say, was, “Whew, there’s one person who will buy it when it is done!” You are too funny! Or maybe I am?

  7. MissFourEyes says:

    Such a sweet post, Jon. I love the rain. I used to love dancing around in it as a kid. Even now, hand me a pair of rain boots and I’ll hop around in every puddle I can see :)

    1. Jon says:

      Ha, ha, I am still the same way, but don’t tell anyone. It was fun to write and the rain is something that everyone can relate to. Keep wearing those rain boots and don’t be afraid to dance in the rain! Thank you for reading and leaving a comment here BBQ it made my day!

  8. I just love that song. Rain, I love it too, except when there’s lots of thunder and lightning, the way we have it here sometimes :)

    1. Jon says:

      I know what you mean, sometimes it can get too much, but most of the time it is a good thing. Thanks for reading and commenting and for liking the song, which is my favorite rain song. :-)

  9. Hope*Rose says:

    When you gave me this prompt, I started thinking about things I enjoyed about the rain. And then I got the call about my grandmother and that was all I could think about and since I want to continue to write honestly, I went with her as a topic. I do want to tell a story about the rain though. Something I had intended on writing instead of what I actually wrote.

    It was probably about 4 or 5 years ago we were sitting in my grandfathers house on a rainy fourth of july. For some reason, I was following him around talking and we were laughing and enjoying each others company. He stopped, looked outside and said, “I love the sound of rain”. The emotion in his voice made me stop in my tracks as I knew exactly what he was talking about. He continued on “The sound of rain is one of my favorite things in life.” I stared at him and said “Mine too.” He asked if I’d help him outside close up his RV and I did. When we were out there, we got inside and he stood silent for a moment. I said “What Pop?” and he said “Sometimes I come out here just to listen to the rain on the roof of the RV and take a nap.” I smiled and we closed up the RV. For the rest of the day I felt a million times closer to my grandfather. It may not seem like much, but as much as we love each other, we don’t have a lot in common and sometimes we’re lost for things to bond over. This was something deep and understanding and I just loved it.

    That’s what I was originally going to write about. Maybe I still will. :)

    1. Jon says:

      That is a great memory of rain. I think it was a good prompt because it encompasses so many different emotions for different people but all people have emotions about rain, so in a sense we can all relate. Rain on the roof, rain on the ground, rain on the lake, rain on your face all have a unique memory and sense to each of us, yet they connect us. I encourage you to write anything you want. and as you know this project was originally designed to get you writing regularly. Seems to have worked. That was a great memory for you and your grandfather. Love that story. Thanks for contributing your thoughts, I always love to hear them. :-)

      1. Hope*Rose says:

        I posted the entire story. I choose my own prompt today. LOL But I’ll write if you come up with something else as well!

        1. Jon says:

          If you want one then I will give it to you. I will read this when I get the time. You are awesome Hope!

  10. Michelle says:

    I could really use a long walk in the rain for some soul cleansing…

    1. Jon says:

      Couldn’t we all! Hope you have some cleansing rain down your way soon! Thanks for commenting Michelle, that way I know you stopped by! I also appreciate the pie. It was pretty freakin’ good! Broke the 30 day rule already!!

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