The Journey Dark and Light

by Jonathan Hilton

Sea StormI was looking for myself,

But what I found was you.

Dark journeys I have traveled alone,

but light was just a momentary thought away.

The negative propagation that overwhelms,

replaced by sunlight and sea breeze laughter.

Much as the winter is killed by the spring,

the reality of missing pieces, stands out brightly.

Incomplet and utter dark night,

combined with twin bright flashes of starlight.

star oceanTwisting me ever forward, toward light perfection,

resistance is gone, I am resigned to the fate.

Walk, run, crawl, faster, quicker,

don’t miss another second of the twist of life.

It is not a completely forever conversation,

life is a combination of pain and love.

It will be over before you ever realize,

grasp a hold of it and ride, as if you had a choice.

This song was the theme to Friday Night Lights but it is called, Your Hand In Mine, sets the mood for this I think.

8 thoughts on “The Journey Dark and Light”

    1. Thank you Michelle, we have been on many of the same paths, half a world away it seems! I am so grateful for your reading this and taking the time to comment.

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