Poetry is not something that I have never written much of. One of the great blogs I read, shared a sonnet on Thursday. I am taking the opportunity to write one myself, because I never have and it should be a unique experience. It was an interesting : first I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed rhyming. Secondly I apparently have some unresolved issues inside. I think they are resolving.

dusty room (2)

I Remember You

by Jonathan Hilton

Oh, yes I remember you,

As a deep dark mystery I sought to reveal.

I never found or discovered, what was due,

The truth about you, hurts too much to feel.

We used to talk and be together every day,

Laughing and sharing each special time. 

Now you have left, and moved along your way, 

The emptiness inside alone is mine

Where is the justice? Where is the Peace?   

I destroy all the selfish evidence of us.

There is a thought that this will bring a release,

Nothing worked, nothings fixed, It wasn’t worth the fuss. 

The dusty, empty room is inside of me,

It is as vast and as deep as the mightiest Sea.


So what did you think of my first poem? I know, but it is the first try.

Here are a couple I remember you songs to help set the mood.

Skid Row: I Remember You

Someone Like You

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