by Jonathan Hilton

Watch the stars, they are speaking to your soul.

Search the Sky for ANSWERS.

The lights are a delightful distraction.

The Truth will always become clear.

No matter how far away answers or stars are, 

the search will always and has always ended,

inside of you all along, and forever. 

close to home

The wonder of distance leads to the reality of closeness, where all answers lie.

That reality can be upsetting and cause great anger,

You can fight if you like, with words and emotions.

Struggle and push with all you have.

The result in the end is a waste of time.

Activities won’t change the locations of your destiny.

It is waiting to be recognized inside of you.

Look up at the sky, and pay attention to the stars.

Their distance is a constant reminder of it all.

How far we have traveled, in our search,

and how close we are to HOME.  

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