How You Carry Your Light

When was the last time you marched into the dark with only the soft glow of an idea you strongly believed in?

light in the darkness jonathan hilton
Are Your Ideas In the Darkness?

by Jonathan Hilton

There are times in everyone’s life when they feel like they are all by themselves, with only your beliefs.  These times are opportunities to define your life and what you believe in. Will you continue to believe as you always have or will you move in the direction of change and growth? That is a test that life likes to give us from time to time and it is important that we find the lesson and maintain our humanity and compassion in the process. There is no question that difficult times will define you and lead you in a direction of more understanding or more bitterness, the decision is truly yours.

The Dark Side

walking into the darkness
Fear based thought will lead you to the darkness

When difficult times arrive and you feel like the soft glow of an idea you strongly believe in you can be beaten down. This can cause disillusion, anger, hatred and most of all self pity. Why is everyone against me? If they were real friends they would support me no matter what. Poor me! These are natural emotions and thoughts but that is all that they are, and in this case they are all caused by the actions and thoughts of others.  The danger is that once you start down the path of self pity and anger you are in danger of staying there for a long time, if not forever.  All of these are fear based emotions and thoughts, which can have no other destination than to make you unhappy, angry and scared.  There is no way that you can embrace the good in something and grow if you spend all of your time, thought and effort in self pity and anger. This can become pervasive in all aspects of your life and relationships and you will find that you look at everything with veil of suspicion and it will become nearly impossible to be truly happy.  This can be caused by any tragedy in your life, losing a job, character assassinations, the death of a loved one, or any of the major obstacles of life.  Fortunately this is not permanent or fatal unless you want it to be.

The Light

When you carry the light of an idea into the darkness, you will always have a choice, for

walking in the light
Thoughts and actions based on love will bring you light no matter where you are

every negative reaction above there is a positive choice available to you.  This is the path of growth because these decisions are based on love.  Compassion, understanding, kindness, and forgiveness are all examples of this type of reaction.  It is quite easy to display these characteristics when times are good and everything is going your way, but quite a different story when you are facing challenges.  You get laid off from your job unexpectedly, how do you react? It would be totally understandable if you were angry and felt it was unfair, and wished bad things on all of those responsible, but when you look at it what will that accomplish? You will allow the things that happened to you define you and all of your actions.  Or you can accept that it happened and look for the positive. This may be the push you needed to finally follow your dream and become a doctor, or an engineer or whatever you have always wanted to do.  Difficult times and opportunity often walk hand in hand if you keep your eyes open.  Forgive those that you feel wronged you, accept what has happened and move forward with courage, I can’t tell you for sure but open your eyes and embrace the changes and you may find yourself significantly happier than when you began this journey.

So if you feel like you are marching into the dark with only the soft glow of an idea you strongly believe in, make that idea one that honors you and leads to a larger light in the world. If it is based in love it will definitely do that, if it is based out of fear it will most likely lead to misery and pain. Look for the light in the situations you face and even the worst things can ultimately have a positive impact on you and the world.  There is no way to change the past and what has happened, you have one hundred percent control over how you react to them.

Into the light

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