Positive Affirmations

Something Positive
Something Positive

Positive Thinking Video Below

Some days, when I am feeling negative, or just not as motivated as I should feel, I find positive thinking myself with something motivational, and positive.  I have learned that what you put into your mind will determine much of what you experience in life.

This is a quick video that contains quotes, and thoughts on positive thinking that I have seen on Facebook, and other sites.  They were posted to motivate people, but I need them all in one place so that I can experience total immersion. They will help you get your mind in the right frame of mind.

Positive Thinking Gets you Moving

I wanted to have something that would allow me to quickly get moving in a positive thinking direction, and this collection of sayings has worked for me and I think it will work for you.

Simply watch the video, or a part of it, or whatever you have time for and then try and accomplish something.  It will always go smoother afterward. Positive thinking helps make the day go by better.

This group of mini-affirmations will improve your mood and allow you to be more productive.  Give it a try and let me how it contributes to your positive thinking.

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