Taking Action Counts

Taking Action

Taking Action
Take Action, there is no telling what will happen, but you definitely know what will happen if you do nothing.

Many things have stopped people from taking action life.  There are dreams that people have wanted to chase that they thought about but left untested because taking action appeared just a little bit too scary or difficult.  The lesson learned was clearly that no matter what a person is dreaming of accomplishing or experiencing, it can only be realized through the implementation of action, to do the thing and see what happens.

Each day there are thousands of people who look at their lives and have big dreams about what they would like to do, but it is the lack of action that leaves these things in the fog of thought and out of the clarity of reality. Choosing to do things that are a part of that dream or bring that dream to life will allow you to realize your dream.

Action Time

Action can be taken at any time and will provide those who take it with many adventures, and interesting experiences in life. Inventions will be invented, books will be written, and knowledge will be gained as soon as you decide taking action must happen.  The best thing about it is that anyone, as far as I know, is capable of doing it. If you have been hesitant or feeling fearful, taking action is the cure. Fear is erased with action, because then at least you know.

Many people have the ability to do great things and to think great thoughts about how the world should be run or how business could be different.  All possess the capacity of taking action on those thoughts and creating them in this reality, yet very few do this.

Don’t Leave it for Someone Else

Too often we want to leave the chores to somebody else and conveniently forget that, in fact, we are We are what we dosomebody else and can do everything.  Why not us?  Why don’t we take the action and make the change? First in our own lives and then to the benefit of others.

Gandhi was just a man living in India, who saw racial injustice, and foreign control.  He specialized in organizing non-violent protests that raised awareness of the cause and won the support of the world. Gandhi has been one of the most often quoted human beings from the 20th Century, and one of my favorites is “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Meaning that if you want something to be different then act like that yourself.

Some will read this and think that they don’t want to change the world, or that they don’t want to lead a revolution.  That is fine, not everyone was cut out for that type of life, but is anyone too busy or too meek to institute action in their lives that will provide a positive

small actions define the world you live in
These define your world


Taking Action of Kindness

One of the greatest actions that a person can take is to perform an act of kindness.  This doesn’t have to cost money, it doesn’t even have to take a lot of time, it simply has to be kind and thoughtful.  A hello and a smile to someone who is feeling like nobody cares can buoy their soul for an entire day.  Giving someone a sincere compliment can make them feel better about the way things are going.  All of these acts which are quite small in the large scheme of things can be done by you, every day.  And without you, hey will remain undone. The person, who receives the compliment, will continue to be sad, the person who needed a smile will be going without that human comfort, and your small actions can make a huge difference in the life of someone else.

When you move through your day and you see an opportunity to make the world a little better place, you can be the change, and start taking action.  One small, seemingly trivial act of kindness could in the most severe cases save a life or at the very least make life a lot more pleasant for everyone you come in contact with but most importantly for yourself. It all begins with taking action.

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    1. Thanks Frank for the comment. Every action does count wish I knew that earlier in life. I am also working on thinking more and speaking less. You are the man Frank

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