Don’t Give Up

Never give up on yourself

Keep going, you never know how close you are to success!!
Keep going, you never know how close you are to success!!

All people have moments when they have to question themselves. Things in life won’t always go your way and there are going to be a lot of times when it may seem hopeless. Everything you encounter seems to be against you and it can become somewhat unbearable and in that moment of darkness and frustration, you may feel like giving up. Those are the times when you should stick with it because there is a great moment for changes that will bring good things into your life that you are looking for.  Change is constant and inevitable and will allow for tough times to end.

Down Times Necessary

In all things in life, contrast exists to provide meaning to each experience. For every positive emotion and experience, there needs to be an opposite in front 4experienced in order to provide contrast and lend meaning to the value to what you are experiencing.

There is no appreciating a warm summer day if you haven’t experienced the bitter cold of winter. Joy gets its value from the comparison of desperation. Happy and sad, loneliness and a relationship each experience that is enjoyable needs to have a contrasting opposite and that needs to be experienced in order to understand what the great things in life mean and the value that they have.  If you give up in the moment that you are experiencing the despair of difficult times, you will never know the elation of redemption, or the satisfaction that coming back will give you.

Contrast Provides Meaning

All people go through times of sorrow in life, the difference is that some people let those times define in front 3them and others move past them into a deeper existence of understanding that often low moments of sorrow provide a springboard for a deeper understanding or a more powerful action that brings you closer to your ultimate happiness and understanding of life.  The down times will get you ready for the happy times to come and for you to really appreciate them.

Look at the BIG Picture

So even though we don’t look for situations that will make us feel broken, they are sometimes needed to in front 2allow us to grow into better people.  Life is a long game that needs to be viewed from the perspective of looking down at the whole thing.

You may be struggling right now but if you look ahead and see the best possible results that were coming your way, it would make you more successful. That is what is waiting, nobody in the world was born to be sad all the time and there are going to be great moments ahead of you regardless of what your life is giving you right now.

Put your head down and keep moving forward because the clouds of today will eventually give way to the bright skies of tomorrow. All you have to do is stay in the game long enough to experience it.  Moving ahead is the only place that you will find your dreams. Everything you want is in front of you and you need to move ahead to greet them.

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