Thank You

I was very shy about letting anyone know what I wrote.

by Jonathan Hilton

I was scared to death! Petrified! White knuckle, grab a hold of something, close your eyes and scream scared of what other people would think of my writing. So much so, I really hesitated to ever show it to anyone.  I had one friend who I would “let” read what I thought. They were very safe and supportive.

Finally after a bit of coaxing,  I started to take a few tentative steps out into the world of blogging.  It was a world that is very strange to me, I just never realized how many other people write and share their work.  What an amazing discovery this world has been.  It is a world of dynamic personalities, interesting thoughts and great knowledge.

I was pensive at first because I am careful by nature I guess, and looked at a few blogs, and finally got up my courage to leave a couple of comments.  I was amazed that not only did most of the blogs I commented on read my comments but they replied back!

I read another bloggers account of reading spam and pretending that it was real interaction, because at least it felt like someone had read my thoughts.  That was me for sure. So getting actual feedback from real people was like winning the Super Bowl!


Thank you so much for following one of my blogs in any way!!

Other people actually read what I wrote.  What a great feeling! Now even though I have never met in person any of these people, their stories and writing is a vital part of my daily life.

Finish a job at work, sneak over and see what is happening in the blog world.  See a story that inspires, a video that puts me in awe, or a picture that makes me scared of reptiles.  What ever it is generally, specifically I am inspired.  Creativity comes from this inspiration and I want to express my gratitude for those who have followed me in as special a way as I can!!!

Thank you so much for making my life a richer experience. I placed each person in a random order because I love all of you so very much. If I forgot anyone it is not because you are not in my heart, because you are, it is because I somehow missed you!

Samantha DeLint
Maaher Sayeed
Leila Dayne
marga t.
Pat Cegan
Ray Barbier
Simply Me
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