Positive Self Talk

The conversation occurs subtly behind the actions of

self-talk-head-1the day. It is one that we are a huge part of but we rarely take the time to analyze the tone or tenor of which we are speaking. This is self-talk, an ongoing dialogue inside your head that will contribute commentary on the happenings you experience. Too often people just accept the conversation and it is most decidedly dripping with negativity.  We tend to be extremely hard on ourselves and give extremely harsh criticism, often crushing our own confidence and self-esteem.  Once a person becomes aware of this talk though they can make the conscious effort to change their self-talk and start building a more positive self-image. This will change the way you look at yourself and the way others look at you as well.

Why So Negative and Hard on Yourself?

In the development of life, there is a programming Negative-self-talkwhich takes place. All people are given beliefs or programming through the early experience of their lives. Interactions with parents, siblings, relatives, friends, teachers and the media, combine to let us know the rules of this game called life. Most of the messages are learned through pain and we learn to want to avoid pain and seek pleasure.  The talk in your head is generally geared to avoiding bad, but things to a bit haywire.

The programming we experienced was mostly completed when we were between 5-10 years old and has become obsolete, outdated or just plain untrue. When you start to notice this voice and see how negative it is, you can then make the choice to change your programming and not allow negative, callous or defeatist thoughts to exist in your mind.  You have the power to change and it starts with personal awareness of your thoughts. If you believe you are incapable of doing something then you certainly will be.  It is self-defeating and most aren’t even aware it is happening.

Be Kind to You, Change the Self Talk

Self-Talk-2As you look at this conversation and hear the comments your mind is producing, ask yourself with each one, “Is this true?”, “Is this kind?”, “Is this necessary?”  If the comments are not all of these things, you should probably pay no mind to it.

How you treat yourself is going to be important to the experience you have in life. If a person is not going to treat themselves with respect, encouragement, and understanding, then who will?

Take a moment today and listen to re are your self-talk and decide if the conversation needs to change. All change talkpeople are capable of quick and dramatic change in this area simply by making a decision to treat themselves better.

If you are not going to treat yourself in a caring and loving manner, why would anyone else?

Change from I can’t to I CAN

Change from No to Yes

Change from I have Doubts to I have no Doubts

Change from Impossible to Possible

Change from I’m Unable to I Am Able

Stop expecting the worst and Demand the Best!

For every negative, self-defeating phrase you have ever spoken there is a positive opposite waiting to be noticed and used.

12 thoughts on “Positive Self Talk”

  1. My applologies. Half of my post doesn’t show. Thank you for the clear and concise article on self talk. It is important because what we think about, we project onto the environment through our filters and “world view.” We see what we expect to see, and that colors our interaction with everyone and everything. Then when those beliefs are fulfilled, by our own negative programming, that world view is re-inforced.

    1. Well said Doug, I agree totally. I have done and continue to do a lot of work with my own beliefs. Recognizing my own programming and working to change it. We are all creators of our own reality. I am grateful for the comment, thank you so much for reading.

    1. Yes I do. I wish that I had been taught this when I was younger. Thank you so much for the comment, I am grateful for the visit! 🙂

  2. Demand the best is what I’m learning now.. goes with a lot of biting on my lips but it’s a good thing. Thanks for writing this. Demand the best is the best!

    1. Aww I am sorry that you are having tears. 🙁 You deserve to be happy my friend!! Glad the I was able to get that beautiful smile of yours to come out! You deserve to be happy! Grateful to hear from you!! 🙂

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