Interesting Point of View

Interesting Point of View
Interesting Point of View

What are you sure of in life? What philosophy can you stand behind and not shy away from because you are sure of its validity? We all have some non-negotiable items in this cache. The sun will rise, the sun will set. Life is fleeting. You must work hard to be successful. The government is looking out for your best interest. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. There are many points of view which are considered by people constant, unshakable and permanent fixtures in life and creators of our reality. Yet in reality, they are only interesting points of view that you can choose to believe or discard as you see fit.

Our thoughts on things have power. How we perceive is important to the reality that we experience each and every day.  But let’s look at the interesting points of view which are not factual in any way but held onto by people just as if they are.  You probably have a few. There are two main areas we all hold strong emotional points of view, love, and money. The majority of our time is spent dealing with these two issues. Getting enough money to experience the life we want and finding someone to love us for it.

Money Matters

When it comes to money, we are all carrying points of view that were developed when we are young. Our

How you look at things determines their reality
How you look at things determines their reality

parents attitude toward money is going to go a long way in establishing our personal beliefs about money. Some believe it is hard to get, some believe it makes you greedy to have a lot. Some think that money is going to solve all their problems. It doesn’t matter what you think about it, all of these things are simply thoughts in your head and not reality. It is just as easy to think that money is energy that can be attracted to me easily. Or Money comes easily and I always have more than enough.  What you choose to believe is going to determine the reality of your financial situation.  Any point of view can be changed, at any time, instantly.

I Love You

Love is a topic that takes up a lot of time in life. We have even more points of views when it comes to experiences love in life. I think that it is because we all have experiences in this area and the collective pain and pleasure of those experiences have combined to contribute to our feelings of love. Yet, it seems pov-different-exercisethat most of us have thought wrong about what love actually is. We are looking for someone who fits our personal point of view of love.   I don’t deserve love. Love is difficult to find. Love never lasts. Nobody could possibly love me. On and on we go and put our points of view about love out there.  A point of view is just a thought, and thoughts can be changed instantly, today, right now.

The actual definition of what it means to love is going to be different for everyone based on their experiences. When I say I love you, what does that mean? Does it mean a commitment for a lifetime or for a week? Depends on the person. This simply means that clear explanations of your point of view about that emotion will lead to many fewer problems.

Since Point of View is a Choice, Choose a Good One

There are many different philosophies on beliefs and how to change them, but the bottom line is that if you are carrying a negative, limiting belief about anything, it is affecting your life.  The first step is to recognize the shortcoming and the second is to take action to change that belief into an interesting point of view that will be more beneficial to your life and happiness.

Change is constant and continuous in life, we are all changing physically and mentally each and every day. You have the ability to move these changes in any direction that you choose. It all depends on which interesting points of view you decide to entertain. Since it is all a choice, decide to hold onto points of view that are going to make you happy!


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    1. Everything is easier when you already know what to do isn’t it? 🙂 I love Indiana Jones Movies, so that is definitely a compliment. 🙂 Grateful for the reading, I was working on a thought here, I am not sure that I got it right or not.

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