Say Yes to Life

Do this to encourage growth.
Do this to encourage growth.

From the time we are young, those figures in our lives responsible for molding our behavior seemed determined to limit us in some way.

Many of the limits were common sense, “don’t play in the traffic”, or “don’t jump your bike off that ten-foot ramp!” These warnings were clearly to keep us safe and maintain our well-being, but there were many warnings that have limited our existence.  These did not have the same intent. We were told not to try one thing or another because the pain we might suffer if we failed.  As we started to create our image of ourselves, we were immediately placed within the boundaries of fear.

In most cases these fears were simply stated to help us avoid emotional or physical harm; ”No don’t try to be a musician, only a few can make a living at it.”, “No you shouldn’t dream about being an actor, few make it in this field. You should be a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher.”  These warnings worked to develop our belief systems and they have been limiting many of us ever since.

The great news is that these beliefs can be changed, and it isn’t really all that difficult to do. One of the simplest ways is to start to say yes to everything that we face each day. This affirmative statement will allow a person to begin to look past the lifelong limits that we have been living by since being very young.

If you take the time to evaluate many of the limits you believe in, they will be revealed at best as an exaggeration and at worst as an outright lie. We are all capable of more than we believe we are, it is the fear of being hurt by failure that stops us most often and that is nothing to be afraid of, simply say yes and try.

Say yes to Failure

Each day there are opportunities for each person in failurethe world to follow and become better, no matter what the current circumstances in life might be. Fear of failure stops many people from even accepting the challenge of improving their situation.

The fact is that all people in the history of the world have experienced failure. Those who are ultimately successful recognize these setbacks as learning experiences. Those who are not successful generally give up and shy away from trying again.  Denying failure is not the answer, say yes to the failures that inevitably come from trying and they will lead you exactly where you need to go.

Say Yes to Something New

It is human nature to experience something we like and to stick with it. Be it food, a leisure activity, a political thought or an opinion about others.  These things become comfortable and to reach beyond them and possibly be exposed to something new is scary because we might not like them.

Yet, if a person never reaches and tries something new, there is no way to grow. If you never grow then the alternative is to stagnate and become less. Each moment of every day we are either getting becoming more than we were before or we are becoming less. Say yes to a new experience and you will surprise yourself with growth!

Say Yes and Accept All Circumstances

Every person experiences difficult times and they are not pleasant to go through, but it is possible to say yes to them as well. It doesn’t mean that you like them or accept them, it is a simple nod to the obvious, this situation is happening to you right now. Being able to put a negative experience in perspective and to accept that it is happening will allow you to move

Getting out of our comfort zone sometimes makes no sense but it is the only area that growth resides!!
Getting out of our comfort zone sometimes makes no sense but it is the only area that growth resides!!

forward more quickly than ignoring it or not facing it will. If a person honestly looks at their lives it is the times of trouble that provide the deepest learning and the shortest learning curve. Accept these situations whatever they may be as learning moments, learn and then put them behind you. No matter how dark the night currently is, the dawn will come and the new day brings unlimited possibility. Often we learn what we need to know in order to move forward.

Yes is a word that we should all use a lot more each day. Yes! I will try that! Yes! I will overcome failure! Yes, I will learn lessons from hard times! Yes! I will be the best person I can be each day and try to make the world a better place just by practicing a more accepting attitude.  Simply say yes to everything.

3 thoughts on “Say Yes to Life”

  1. This is the first page I saw and I had to comment on the ” Say yes to everything”.
    Just don’t say yes to everything at work. I believe it impairs work / home life balance. But then, I am sure you have sound words of advise on that matter in your blog.
    I like the theme and tone of your site. It sends out positive energy! Thank you! We need more blogs like this!

    1. Hello Susan, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I agree that when it comes to work and obligations for others, you simply can’t say “yes” to everything. I think that the yes we need to say is to balance and to living the kind of life that we enjoy. Thank you so much for your kind words, I try to live on the positive side and I am glad that feeling comes through in the words I have written. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on any other posts! I look forward to reading through your blog as well. Have a great day, you just made mine spectacular! All the best.

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