Question Everything

Question everything and only accept those things question everythingprove true. How do we learn? There are several different ways that we can infuse our minds and souls with new ideas and knowledge.  However, each individual needs to determine the validity of each morsel of information for themselves, regardless of the source that is providing it.  Don’t believe anything except after individual investigation and introspection have proven it to be so. Finding what is true for you is vital to living a life that is honest and true to yourself. What beliefs you accept will determine your reality.

Don’t Be a Sheep

Just because a message comes to you from an authority figure, that doesn’t make it true.  When we buddhaaccept these messages from teachers, leaders, parents, politicians or any other figure of authority without questioning and/or investigating we are diminishing ourselves and our own individuality.

That doesn’t mean that all you have been told is untrue, it means that knowledge is a quest for understanding discovered through personal investigation and research. Each idea can be confirmed or disregarded on the merit that you discover it to possess. Each of us owes it to our intelligence to question and research all ideas and theories to establish their truth for us.

Too many people accept ideas automatically from educational programs or religious doctrine. Without investigation and proof of the truth of something, it is just empty words.

Test, Investigate, Prove

Don’t allow other people to cheapen your existence question-everything-163x300and value to the world, by accepting ideas without properly questioning them first. Without setting out to provide yourself with the proof of the existence of something or the validity of an idea, it should be considered invalid.

The alternative to this is to accept the truth of something blindly and without question. Once you believe that something is true, it will have an effect on you and influence your life. Don’t you owe it to yourself and those you will influence to be as positive about information as you can? We are not designed to question, but it is through questioning that all proof is discovered.  Look into your heart, mind, and body for the actual truth of things.

Destiny in Truth

It is our destiny on our journey to choose our own path. That is a path in movement as well as in thought. Each idea that we know is true and valid will affect all things that come into our lives. So think, test, prove and grow in your own way. Listening to all, but believing only those things that are proven true. That is the way of your own individual path.


7 thoughts on “Question Everything”

  1. Jon, great post and a message I am just learning for self. How do you suggested giving this message to the kids? I was always disciplined for ‘questioning authority’ as a child and yes even as an adult and yes even yesterday.

    1. This is something that I have often wondered. As a former teacher, I often question my own role in spreading propaganda to kids. The change needs to come in the education system I think. I think that I was told what to think, how to act and what to believe about myself as a child. Now years later, I see that much of what I was taught as true was in fact not true. Not only in school but in religion and in the advertising I was exposed to each day on television. Nothing was questioned. I could run on for ever about this, I am currently practicing what I preach and questioning all ideas. What happened to you yesterday? I am interested to hear. Thanks for the comment, I hope that I answered your question somewhere in this rant. 🙂 I am interested to hear your experience.

  2. I had a great comment and lost it! It was about a lesson I just taught a group of kids a couple of weeks ago. It was on Psalm 23. I was almost shunned when I told them, “You need to be SMART sheep and follow a shepherd who leads you in the straight paths. Sheep are probably one of the dumbest creatures on earth, so when someone calls you a sheep, be one of the smart ones.’

    1. I always try to be one of the smart ones each day. 🙂 Hope you make it through the weekend without being shunned. Grateful for the comment. Hope you have an outstanding weekend and have some fun.

  3. It is important to question everything because the people providing the information are not necessarily doing it because they are kind helpful individuals and organizations who want to help you. The are sometimes do it because they are benefiting in some ways if you act on the information.

    And then there is the scenario where the people giving the information have got it wrong. Just because someone or something seem authoritative, it does not mean they are right and on the ball with anything and everything.

    So yeah do question everything. Nice helpful article.
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