Follow Your Own Path

We are all seeking truth in one form or another in our follow your pathexperience of life. The path to truth for each of us is more than likely going to be unique to our lives and will not look exactly the same for any of us. Following your path to truth is going to be a one of a kind journey. So follow it with passion and allow others to do the same.

Stick to Your Path

My personal journey has taken many twists and turns on the path of life.  Many people have offered advice 20130415-053851and direction about the right thing to do. In the end, the only person who has experienced this trip has been me and in retrospect, I alone can gauge each lesson learned and benefit from the wisdom these events have provided.

At the time, it may not have been evident to me or anyone else the value of the moment but there has never been an event that hasn’t given me something. A tool, or piece of knowledge about the world or about myself that has helped the journey move along the path.

As you move down your path, listen and measure the suggestions of others and choose the actions that resonate with your heart. Once a decision is made, move with that choice with all that you have. Don’t develop a preconceived attachment to the end result. Just accept the results and take the value from them.

Help Guide Others

There is no way that you can tell another exactly what to do. Their path is their own and the experience and story of your lifetools they need are unique to them. Even though you will all end up at the same destination, there is no “wrong” path to follow. As long as you are not hurting someone else or limiting their lives. So support and encourage all people on their way. Some may get waylaid and stopped short of the ultimate destination but that is their adventure, not yours. When asked, offer an honest assessment. When not asked, mind your own business and tend to your path. Be a shining example of how to live your life honestly and with a purpose.


5 thoughts on “Follow Your Own Path”

  1. Once again, I laughed. Yesterday in the message mom’s pastor brought to her congregation, she summed up a passage with these words, “Keep your mouth shut.” and “if it isn’t going to build up or encourage, think about it, and keep your mouth shut.” It was real time talking. At least, I thought so!

    1. thank you Kris for the thoughts. I try to encourage and mind my business when it comes to the journey of others. I used to want to tell people what they should do, but all of us have a different journey and a need for their own lessons and experiences. Allowing is a difficult thing. I try though. There were questions I heard you should ask yourself before your speak, Is it kind? Is it necessary? Is it True? Does it improve the silence? I always try to remember this before I offer advice unsolicited to people. Grateful for the comment. 🙂

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