Gratitude and Appreciation

No matter what life brings you, each person has the gratitude-rainbowspiral1ability to either be grateful and appreciative of the experience or they can be angry and disillusioned. The choice is always in your hands. Always.

Things Go Wrong Sometimes, Be Grateful

This is an easy idea to cope with when things are going well. There is plenty of money to do whatever you want, all of those you love are healthy and happy and the biggest decision that you need to make is what form of entertainment is in store for you this evening. Of course, you can be grateful and appreciative of this situation. Yet I know many people in just such a predicament and there is very little gratitude or appreciation.

It seems like so many are focused on what they don’t have rather than what they do have in their life. They gratitudehave a house, but the problems with that house seem to stand out to them and they only see the lack rather than the bounty.

When things are going badly, many people get discouraged by the pain, trouble, worry or inconvenience. It is hard to see the positive and be grateful and appreciative when the cellar is flooded, possessions are being ruined, things need to be moved, and the plumber can’t come for two days. These situations make it difficult to be appreciative, but in time the positive can be seen if you choose to look.  No situation is inherently good or bad except for the label that we apply to it.

 Appreciate the Good Things

Positives can be anything from being grateful for the times when the cellar isn’t flooded, to the new closeness that your family has for working together getting through the problem.  Being appreciative for the simple things in life is much easier when they are taken away for even just a short time.  Today when we vibrationlose power for a day, we are lost.  But you sure as heck have an appreciation when the power is back on.

Choose Appreciation and Gratitude

There is a power that comes with expressing gratitude for what you have. When you have heartfelt appreciation for what you do have, I believe that it opens the door for more of the same to show up in your life.  Be grateful for the comfort of life we are provided each day.  Enjoy the people who make your life the wonder that it is each day. The family and friends who provide all of the delightful flavors to your life.

Being grateful is always a choice to appreciate what life brings you. Not for what it is, but for what it allows you to be. All events can be positive life altering events if you choose to make them so.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude and Appreciation”

  1. you made me laugh, tonight!!
    there are many things to be grateful for and somewhere, sometime I will find something about the sewage mess to be grateful for! However, I am very grateful we have a friend who has opened up her house to us so we have a place to sleep, shower, and wash our clothes. I am VERY grateful we don’t have to wash clothes and towels with a wringer washer (although, once might be an interesting experience). And your blog is something to be thankful for! Thank you for your encouragement and thoughts.

    1. You are welcome Kris, I hope that all is getting better. I appreciate your reading and commenting on my little blog. Thank you for providing great examples for my thought at the time. You are a great example of gratitude in the most difficult and frustrating times. 🙂 I am glad to make you laugh, and I hope I helped a bit. Hope all is sorted out at home soon!

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