Looking at Your Beliefs

limiting beliefs
What beliefs are limiting you today?

Have you noticed that the beliefs that you cling to and carry around inside determine what your experience in life is going to be?

Over  the past 10 years, I started to look at my core beliefs and have found that my programming had left me with a raft of limiting beliefs that were determining just what the outcomes of many of my experiences were going to be.

I have been carrying around a lot of things that are silly, self-defeating, demeaning and just plain wrong.  It was under these conditions that I determined to see if I couldn’t change them a bit, because as I saw it until they were different nothing was going to change.

I never looked at the core beliefs I carried around about myself until the last few years and I have been astonished about what I have found.   It was under these conditions that I determined to see if I couldn’t change them a bit, because as I saw it until they were different nothing in my life  was going to change for the better. So I set out to change them.

This is not a thought or a discussion about religion or a view of God, but rather the view we have of ourselves because of what we were taught through our interactions in the world.  These beliefs were learned in most cases a long time ago and they

limiting beliefs
You can accomplish anything!

carry with them the fear and life experience of every adult we accepted information from in our lives.  It is good to remember that our parents, grandparents, and teachers most often wanted the best for us, but in trying to keep people safe they imparted beliefs that were just wrong.  The great news is that once you recognize a belief, you will have the ability to change it and what you believe is the first key to finding your power.

In order to accomplish all that we dream about in life there first needs to be a belief inside of us that not only can we do it but that we deserve to have the benefits of whatever good thing we are shooting for.  The first step for anyone is to look inside themselves honestly and see what beliefs you are holding onto.  Remember that talking a good game is not going to change the beliefs that

Flying-High-Over-The-Mountainsyou have built about yourself and the world.

When you look at your life path, what is the definition of success that you have in your mind?  Whatever it is, I will bet that it is not that different from what you learned from example and lesson when you were very young.  Most people define success through the accumulation of money or respect of others.  You are born, go to school, go to college, get a job, work for 30-35 years, retire and then run out the clock until you die.  That was the American Dream that I was taught.  The funny thing was that in pursuing that dream, I was not particularly happy.  Constantly there were experiences where I had the thought, “This is it?”  The life I was experiencing was safe, but it was not very challenging or interesting.

Choosing a different path based on newer beliefs can be a scary thing, but look into your heart and see what is in there.  Where do you want to go? What is it that makes you happy? Where is your passion?

It all begins with your beliefs and you had better believe that your experience in life will go no further and bring you nothing that you don’t believe you deserve.  The best part is that you definitely have the ability to change your beliefs at any point and nothing is more powerful than changing a limiting belief to one that is more positive.


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