Practice Kindness

You are responsible for doing this!!
You are responsible for doing this!!

No matter where you are in the journey of life, there are going to be opportunities today to practice kindness of some sort, which will enhance someone’s experience on Earth in a positive way. If you need any convincing that taking this action will improve the world than I wanted to provide you with 5 reasons that kindness is awesome and you can be the catalyst for this today, right here and right now.

1. Kindness Can Change The World

How the world is viewed is unique to each of us. Kindness allows us to share a positive view of kindness inpiresothers, simply and easily. Simple acts of kindness show others that they aren’t in this journey all alone. We are all in this together. That understanding of connection that kindness brings can allow someone having a bad day to have a good day.

One small act of kindness can lead to another small act of kindness, which leads to another and that chain reaction can change the world.

2. Kindness is Free

All people in the world can afford to practice kindness because it is absolutely free. There is no limit on how much you can show in a day either. What kind of world kindness 11would it be if everyone was looking for ways to be kind all through every day? It would be pretty great. Think about that the next situation that you find someone annoying you at work. There is an opportunity for you to practice kindness in thought and in deed. Perhaps all that annoying co-worker needs is a kind word from you to turn their day around.  Practice as much as you can because it doesn’t cost a thing.

3. Kindness is Contagious

Just as a small pebble can cause an avalanche on a mountain side, one act of kindness can lead to a kindness inpiressignificant change in the world. When you practice your small acts of kindness they may not seem all that great to you. But when we put all of the small acts of kindness together, then you have a significant change in the world. Each act, inspiring another and then another until the world is covered in kindness. It certainly beats the alternative.

4. Kindness Makes Us Happy

When you are kind to another person, it makes a statement about who you are and what you stand for. Not only to the world but also to yourself. There are enough things in the world designed to make us feel bad about who we are. Shouldn’t we try to practice things that make us feel great about ourselves? To feel happy?

wpid-acts-of-kindness-ripple-4-30-2015There is also some scientific evidence that proves that when you are kind, your brain experiences a chemical reaction that makes you feel better. True or not, there is no doubt that being the reason that someone else smiles today is a good thing and that can’t be debated. Kindness will make you feel better.

5. Kindness Makes Us Easier To Live With

Is it easier to deal with someone who is difficult and self-centered or someone who is looking to do things that make your life better? Obviously, it is the latter and kindness provides us with that opportunity all the time. Our relationships will only benefit from the practice of kindness. A supportive comment, a compliment, understanding of a problem, or just a supportive hug can change the energy of those you love and make your relationships stronger. How many relationships could be saved by the practicing more kindness? Putting the needs of those you love as a priority and soothing them with kind words and deeds could end many of the fights and misunderstandings that end relationships today. Kindness is never the wrong thing to do.

There you go, if I had more time I think I could easily add ten more simple benefits of kindness. The bottom line is that by thinking of ways to be kind to others will change the experience that you are having in life for the positive. It really just involves making the happiness of others a priority.  Enjoy your day and make a point to create kind experiences for others and for yourself.

Kindness is indeed awesome!

3 thoughts on “Practice Kindness”

    this was created in a town I used to live in. If my death brought about such a profound action, I would know I had lived a life worth living. Being kind is so important–and it isn’t that difficult to do. Thank you for the reminder.

    1. Grateful for the response today Kris. I was raised in a small town in Maine and I felt much the same way. The people I remember fondly from my youth were all very kind. It isn’t what someone does for you but how they make you feel about yourself that you remember. I really appreciate your contributions.

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