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Look for your sources of inspiration

There are days when things to write about come to you very easily and others where you have to seek an idea like Gollum looking for the ring.  The great thing is that there are thousands of idea makers out there, friends, random people, and even writers you have never met providing thoughts for  finding your inspiration.  This is extremely helpful because there is no limit on the number of helpful ideas others produce that you can expound upon to achieve creative synergy.

Old Friends Know Best

Yesterday a great topic came up, on Facebook I read the following quote on the wall of my friend Art O’Conner, in regards to the media coverage of the Connecticut shootings, and the media’s role in these tragedies as a whole.

Art O'Conner
Art O’Conner, mystic sage, adventurer, news critic

– “There is one thing you can do today that will change your life and it doesn’t cost a thing. Stop watching the news, all of it. The only agenda they have is to sell you fear and sensationalize violence and psychopaths. TV news is poison for your brain and make you a reactionary herd following pawn. Eating nothing but McDonald’s every day will make you a fat, tired and lazy. TV news is McDonald’s for your brain. If you watch and digest that long enough your brain is the equivalent of a 500lb man on oxygen sitting in line at McDonald’s on his Jazzy scooter. Take control of what you feed your brain. Especially your kids, don’t let them watch that crap. No kid should have to see that, ever.”

In the aftermath of the tragic shootings, in Connecticut, it is comforting to see that the first reaction isn’t to yell for gun control, or to blame the fraying fabric of our society, but to look at the real culprit here, the mainstream media.  This also produced the most memorable quote of the year.  “TV news is McDonald’s for your brain.”   Any organization that would sensationalize this type of tragedy, needs to seriously evaluate their role in what exactly makes news.  I have known Art for many years, since we were kids, there is something cathartic about hearing these words come from someone you went to elementary school with yourself.  Art is the man.

I was instantly inspired to not eat at McDonald’s, continue to boycott the television news, and to write this post.  Pretty good for a paragraph on Facebook.

Interact with People You will Learn unexpected places I have found extreme inspiration and motivation is through interactions with others, through connecting with people I have found a wealth of knowledge, ideas, motivation and inspiration.

It is amazing how a post will almost write itself when you have an idea discussed with a friend.  It flows, and my own inner thoughts can be poured out onto the page. This list of motivators is ever-growing, fortunately for me, allowing me to expand my thoughts and grow as a writer and as a person.  If you don’t have these people, then develop them, it is worth the time.

Thank You Fellow Bloggers

A more expected avenue for motivation is in the blogosphere.  If such a place really exists.  There are so many wonderful, thought-provoking websites out there which deal with ideas I want to express, or branches of thought I was thinking about, or new thoughts I have never thought but am now glad that I did.

It is amazing that there are such great talents out there providing inspiration all the time.  It was my own ignorance that until very recently I didn’t know all of these great writers and their blogs were out there.  Some of my favorites are listed at the very bottom of this page.  I add a few everyday, the only requirement for me is that I get some motivation from them.  These authors are all motivational so that is easy.

Something Great?

The final thought on finding inspiration is that it comes from your interactions with other human beings, who have creative minds, and open hearts.  People who are awake to the fact that life is not a set path, it has a lot of confusing road signs along the way.

The more people you allow to participate in  your journey, the easier it is to read these signs and navigate the twists and turns you come across.  Reach out to everyone that you know and listen, because you never know, you just may find the inspiration for something great.

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