Finding Your Gold Inside

How long have you forgotten the gold inside of you?
How long have you forgotten the gold inside of you?

It can be amazing to think that we spend so much time and effort in our lives looking for things which are outside of our existence to make us happy, when the place we should be looking is inside of ourselves. The thoughts we think and the beliefs we adhere to and the actions we take surrounding them are all contributing factors to what we do have and what we do not in our lives.  We are always looking for gold, outside when it is hiding in plain sight within.

Looking For a Break In the Wrong Place

Many people including myself are continually looking for the break that is going to allow their greatness togold 2 show and to become the success that they dream would make them happy and free.  Yet that break we are looking for has to come through the minefield of issues that we have developed over a lifetime. There are blocks that stop us from achieving the goals that we dream of. All blocks come from unresolved issues within ourselves, so if we can resolve and arrive at a place of acceptance and we are moving forward.  This power is in yourself and nowhere else. It is up to you to tap into this reservoir of power.  Reading books and learning can help to show you the way but until the individual takes the initiative themselves nothing will change.  The world will change as you come to grips on the inside with your limiting thoughts and beliefs.

Finding the Click Inside

For a moment today I was feeling lonely. It doesn’t happen very often but for a moment as I watched the rain fall, memories of the times when I was not lonely. It is a melancholy realization that something is gone gold 3along with the someone who you are thinking of.

In reality, the reason that this relationship is no longer in your life is because it was not good for you, or it was not fulfilling you in some way.  There is no reason to feel sad about it, that is just self-pity, existing inside of you and that makes you look at the outside world with a bit of anger as you search the faces of people out there looking for someone who will provide the connection that will make you feel better about yourself and not be lonely anymore.

How does that work for you?  It reminds me of a story I read about someone who frantically searched from room to room in their house looking for the perfect gold necklace they needed to wear. The search became more and more desperate and frustrating as they continued the fruitless search. Only to collapse in frustration and anger and then as they looked at themselves they realized the necklace was around their neck the whole time.  When you look “out there” for love, acceptance or fulfillment, it is a desperate and fruitless search. I think it has to begin with yourself, be loving and you will attract love, be kind and kindness will come.  We attract what we are, into our lives. If you feel inadequate without someone then inadequacy is going to be the reality that you experience.

Take a moment and look honestly inside of yourself and decide how you feel about yourself. Do you see the power that you have? Simply by looking inside of yourself and generating thoughts that are more true to your core.  Your thoughts will become your beliefs and your beliefs will dictate the reality that you experience. If you feel you are no good, or not worthy of love or afraid of putting yourself out there then it can’t be a surprise when you are alone.

Focus on the gold that is inside of you and the world outside of you will fall into place. It will not be easy  or automatic, but the thoughts inside of you will dictate your world and it is a choice which thoughts you give acceptance to and which you do not.  I think that if most people saw the beauty that they possess and ignored everything that they don’t like.

Gold inside of You

All of us share a wealth of gold inside of us that the world is looking for, there is a wealth of talent, kindness and caring that is waiting there and in many

This is the wealth that lies within each of us waiting to be used.
This is the wealth that lies within each of us waiting to be used.

cases dormant, waiting for the opportunity to come forth. It never will if I don’t give it a chance.  There is no value that you can find outside of you that doesn’t exist inside of you first.

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