Accept New Beginnings

moving-on-doesnt-mean-you-forget-about-thingsThere is nothing that is as exciting as a new beginning.  Reading yesterday I came across this theme that is often a problem for me and many others,  endings are hard.  All things in the history of the world have had a beginning, a middle and an end. That is the way of all things.  Often times when the end is harsh there is a lingering of regret that remains which does not allow a person to let go and move forward. The thing you can be sure of is that right now whatever is happening in your life is changing in some way, and moving closer to its inevitable end.  We should be grateful in a lot of ways because without endings there would be no new beginnings.

Painful Endings

I have experienced some endings in the job world that have been very difficult and painful. Some I have looked to the past with longing, and wished I could go ending 3back to the security of that situation or to the parts of the job that I really enjoyed.  However, looking into the past only brought sadness and regret.  Like many endings there is no way to move onto something else that perhaps is going to provide you with a greater enjoyment and fulfillment  current situation is ended.   Every new beginning comes from an ending of something.

Accepting this can be difficult if it involves a relationship, or even a death because the emotions around these events will never seem positive in any way.  Yet if you really analyze the situation, there is a simple choice for you to accept what has happened and move on with your life or to refuse to accept it and live in a past of regret and unhappiness. The choice is always yours.

Tough Relationships

When it comes to relationships, poor endings can moving on 2provide you with the learning experiences needed to propel you toward the person who can fulfill the needs that you have.  It is a matter of perspective, that relationship ended because it was lacking in some way. There was something that wasn’t fulfilling, or positive for you.

If you knew, that within a day,  the person who would fulfill every one of your needs was going to enter your life, would you really be all that sad?

In effect you are holding on to an unfulfilled past at the expense of a complete future.  Often it is the perspective we lack because we are in life right now, feeling pain and just trying to survive.  If we could rise above life and look down and observe our paths and the next steps in front of us, we would be much more accepting of change.  All things in life are generally working toward your greatest good, it is fear that makes us address things any other way.

Hard Times

It is the hard times in life that we are afraid of, because they are not fun to go through and they hurt and are painful. Yet without these moments of challenge many people would lack the depth and character that will make them the people that they are destined to be.  Perhaps a  perspective needed to be adjusted or a belief needed to be changed in order to reach their full potential.

Not everything in life is going to work out how you want it to, but it will give you something that you needed to know to reach your full potential.  It is a fact that no matter what situation you are currently in, it beginnings 4will pass one day and cease to exist. It may be in a day or in many years but even the hardest of times will end and fade into a memory. They will leave scars but those scars will help build the character that will allow you to be the best person you can be, if you adhere to their lessons.

Endings can be painful, but there is an excitement of a new beginning that will provide each person with a glimmer of hope in their heart that a dream may come true because of this endeavor. A person will never know unless they have the courage to accept the ending and the strength to take the step into the future.

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